High on 95

Right now, Tim Barry is detoxing. Not from drugs or alcohol, but from his own music. "When the record’s finally done, and the master is approved, I erase every file that’s been sent to me and I throw out all the CDs with all of the rough mixes. I get rid of everything," says Barry. And that’s exactly where he’s at, in the middle of cleanse from his own work. But on September 8, he’ll sit down with his new record, High On 95 (Chunksaah Records), one last time. And like everyone else listening to it that day, it’ll be for the first time. "I generally never listen to the record again except one time on the day it comes out," says Barry. "That’s when I actually hear the record from the perspective of the people who are into it." And what those people will hear—along with the artist himself—is a record that explores the human condition in classic Tim Barry fashion.

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"Slow Down" opens the record and sees Barry tearing at his guitar strings while weaving a tale about alienation, shame, and getting the hell out of Brooklyn. His sister Caitlin Hunt’s lonesome violin joins him on his journey, as Barry’s burly voice lumbers forth, admitting faults ("I’ve always been thirsty / I’ve always been a wreck") but never becoming defeated. It’s a song that sets up the themes that will be touched on time and again throughout High On 95: Fear, loneliness, pain, and isolation. But for all these anxieties, Barry never wallows. Instead, he finds hope in the journey.

"If I’m talking about real life shit, just getting things off of my chest, if they don’t have an element of hope, then there’s no use in writing it," says Barry. And for every moment that aches with a feeling that borders on defeat, it’s flanked by Barry’s perseverance and unbreakable work ethic. While there’s a song like "Running Never Tamed Me," which Barry says caused his two daughters to break down crying the first time they heard it, there’s a song like "Riverbank," which carries a foot-stomping swagger that invites you into the anthemic ruckus. Against a steady backbeat, vamped piano, and Neil Young-esque, single-note solos, Barry becomes the ringleader of a triumphant chorus, guiding his collaborators to the song’s apex.

"I become the conductor," says Barry, explaining that his process of leading his assembled studio band involves a whole lot of humming what he hears in his head and some wild, impassioned gesticulating. "All of the parts that are added to the recorded songs are my humming between lyrics," says Barry, noting that everyone else in his camp is a "talented, pro musician" and that he trusts them to fill in the gaps—not that he needs much help.

Like all of his albums, High On 95 was recorded by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond Virginia. And that’s because, by now, Koehler knows exactly how to record Barry’s performances. "it’s just one take," says Barry, "Lance knows the more I do it, the worse it’s gonna get. You lose something when you play it more and more. So get it right." And that’s exactly what Barry did. High On 95 carries the raw, emotional catharsis that’s become synonymous with a Tim Barry album. Every syllable exits his mouth with a fire propelling them, the kind of passion that can’t be forced or faked. Not that there was ever a reason to expect anything less.


Upcoming 2018 Shows

January 10, 2018

Many new dates have been added to my 2018 shows! Two Colorado shows, three in Texas, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, and many more. Also, Cologne and Berlin shows in Germany are SOLD OUT. If you plan on coming out to any of the others while I'm out that way, please get tickets asap. Check the tour section of the site for a full list.

Happy New Year y'all!
Tim Barry

UK & Germany w/ Hot Water Music

November 8, 2017

Heading over to the UK/Germany in April to play shows with Hot Water Music. These show will sell out, so please get advance tickets. Thanks!

View dates ...

4/25 London, England @ Electric Ballroom
4/26 Cologne, Germany @ Live Music Hall
4/27 Berlin, Germany @ Astra
4/28 Munich, Germany@ Muffathalle

South East Tour Dates

November 1, 2017

Exited to announce "High on 95" South East Tour dates with Laura Stevenson and Roger Harvey. Tickets on sale Friday - 11/3/17.

View dates ...

11/18 Durham, NC @ Motorco
1/19 Charleston, SC @ Purple Buffalo
1/20 Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s
1/21 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
1/23 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
1/25 Atlanta, GA @ Purgatory @ Masquerade
1/26 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
1/27 Richmond, VA @ The Broadber

"Running Never Tamed Me" Video

October 4, 2017

Here's the new video for my song "Running Never Tamed Me" off "High on 95". Enjoy!

Watch the video ...

I'm on tour now! See y'all out there.

10/05 Washington, DC - DC9 Nightclub
10/06 Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo
10/07 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
10/8 Detroit, MI - Smalls
10/10 Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe
10/11 St Louis, Mo - Blueberry Hill
10/12 Chicago, Il - Cobra Lounge
10/13 Indianapolis - White Rabbit
10/14 Louisville, KY - Haymarket
10/26 Ybor City, FL - Pre-FEST
10/27 Gainesville, FL - FEST
11/09 Garwood, NJ - Crossroads
11/10 Philadelphia - Underground Arts
11/11 Cambridge, MA - Middle East Upstairs.
11/12 Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade
12/07 San Diego, CA - Casbah
12/08 Santa Ana, CA - Constellation at Observatory
12/09 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
12/10 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill

Dying Scene Interview

October 3, 2017

"DS Exclusive: Tim Barry talks 'High On 95', performing with the Richmond Symphony, and detaching from social media" - Dying Scene

Read the full interview on Dying Scene.

Noisey Video Premiere

September 5, 2017

"Armed with an old VHS camera, the four-and-half-year-old Lela Jane captures all of her dad's favorite spots, from the downtown streets to the rail yard where he does his thinking. Watch the video above for a tour of Richmond from a three-foot-high vantage point, and stay until the end for a tender moment that'll make your day." -Dan Ozzi (Noisey)

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Read the full article and watch the video on Noisey.

"High on 95" Vinyls

August 29, 2017

First press of my new LP/CD is up for pre-order. "Smoke" vinyl (left) is available through Chunksaah Records now and can be ordered here.

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"Minty" vinyl (top) is available only through your local indie record stores. I’ll have the "minty splatter" (right) available on my store 9/8. All LPs come with download card. Digital via iTunes and such will be available 9/8 as well. Thanks y’all.

Richmond Symphony FAQs

August 7, 2017

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my September 23 show with the Richmond Symphony, at Carpenter Theatre. I hope this helps.

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Where do I get tickets? You can get them in person, at the Carpenter Theatre Box Office, over the phone at 804-592-3400, or online here:

Who else is playing? Natalie Prass, Clair Morgan, Bio Ritmo and Matthew E. White.

How many songs will you play? I’ll be doing 3 or 4 songs, all accompanied by the Richmond Symphony.

When do you go on? I play FIRST. Get there early! In theatre speak, "show at 8" means it starts at 8. So get there at 7, grab a drink and find your seat.

Is there a bar there? Yes, the Carpenter Theatre has multiple bars. There are also
really great restaurants/bars within walking distance of the theatre.

Will drinks be expensive at the theatre? Yes.

Does the theatre search bags? Yes, hide your booze well.

Will your performance be filmed or recorded? No. There are no plans for video or audio recordings of the show. Perhaps someone will bootleg?

Is it true you used to work at the Carpenter Theatre? Yes, I worked "over-hire" for IATSE Local 87 and Richmond Ballet at the Carp Center (among other venues) for many years, unloading trucks, hanging lights, building sets and so on.

Are you nervous about the show? Terrified.


High on 95

September 8, 2017

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Slow Down 2. High on 95 3. O & DP 4. Riverbank 5. Back Home 6. Gumshoe Andy 7. Porter St. 8. Chelsea 9. Running Never Tamed Me 10. Little Eden

Lost & Rootless

November 28, 2014

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. No News From North 2. The James 3. Poppa’s Porch 4. Older and Poorer 5. All My Friends 6. Breathe Slow, Let ‘Em Pass 7. Clay Pigeons (By Blaze Foley) 8. Lost & Rootless 9. Knowing Such Things 10. Solid Gone 11. Lela Days 12. I’m Only Passing Through 13. Mayfly 14. Thing of the Past 15. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

Raising Hell & Living Cheap

May 13, 2014

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Dog Bumped 2. Driver Pull Intro* 3. Driver Pull* 4. 40 Miler* 5. This November Intro 6. This November 7. Walk 500 Miles Intro 8. Walk 500 Miles 9. Fine Foods Market 10. South Hill 11. Church of Level Track 12. Idle Idylist 13. Downtown VCU 14. Exit Wounds* 15. Ronnie Song Intro 16 Ronnie Song 17 Thing of the Past 18 Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

40 Miler

April 10, 2012

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Intro 2. Weezeltown 3. Driver Pull 4. 40 Miler 5. Shed Song 6. Adele And Hell (w/ Julie Karr) 7. Bankers Dilemma 8. Train Improv (By Andrew Alli) 9. Hobo Lullaby 10. Beene 11. Fine Foods Market 12. Amen (Oshega) 13. Outro

28th & Stonewall

January 26, 2010

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Thing of the Past 2. Bozeman 3. Gabriel Intro 4. Prosser's Gabriel 5. Walk 500 Miles 6. No BS Warm Up 7. Will Travel 8. Moving On Blue 9. Downtown VCU 10. Short G'Bye 11. 11/7 12. With Ease I Leave 13. (Memento Mori) 14. Bus Driver


November 4, 2008

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. Texas Cops 2. On and On 3. South Hill 4. 5 Twenty 5 5. This November 6. Sagacity Gone 7. Ronnie Song 8. C.R.F. (Retired) 9. Tacoma 10. Tile Work 11. 222 12. Raised and Grown

Rivanna Junction

November 21, 2006

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. Trash Inspirations 2. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender 3. Dog Bumped 4. Church of Level Track 5. Exit Wounds 6. Cardinal In Red Bed 7. Shoulda Oughta 8. Steel Road 9. C'mon Quinn 10. Wait At Milano

Split w/ Frank Turner

October 13, 2009

Released by Suburban Home Records

Tim Barry Things of the Past Frank Turner Try This at Home

Live at Mary Munford Elementary

September 1, 2008

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. "Hey Lolly" by Woody Guthrie 2. "Shoulda Oughta - Munford Style" by Tim Barry 3. "This Land is Our Land" by Woody Guthrie